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Both in our relations with our customers and in our production processes, we always try to meet the most varied requests and, where possible, to satisfy them to the full.

The know-how gained from our working experience has led us to develop a series of additional services that we can offer the customer; from packaging to comprehensive services that allow us to deliver a finished and personalised product.

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Full Service

We can provide a complete service.
Talk to us about your idea.
A turnkey solution for your project!

Branding and Decorating

Texts, drawings and graphical improvements will no longer be a problem! We can add text and decorations to the product before delivery.


We will study together with you any special packaging required in order to protect the finished product or prepare it for the next phase on your machinery.


We have been specialising in high vacuum metallisation for the industrial technology sector since 1977. Today, we specialise in the perfumery, cosmetics, furniture, home appliances and automotive sectors, thanks to the quality and service that have always satisfied our customers.


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