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High vacuum
UV top-coating
Thermal coating

High vacuum metallisation

A thin metal film deposited on a polymeric object giving it a metallic finish.

UV top-coating

We carry out all types of UV top-coating with greater resistance and better quality.

Thermal coating

Different colours or effects that embellish any object proposed.

All that glitters is not gold.


Customer satisfaction is our main aim.

We try to solve problems together with the customer, quickly and by making use of all of our know-how.
We care about both our customers and the end product and, thanks to this synergy, we obtain products of excellent craftsmanship and quality, as well as customers who are always satisfied with the final result.

Whatever your business...
we can help you make it shine!


We have been specialising in high vacuum metallisation for the industrial technology sector since 1977. Today, we specialise in the perfumery, cosmetics, furniture, home appliances and automotive sectors, thanks to the quality and service that have always satisfied our customers.


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